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Title: I'll Be With You
Artist: Hedley
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Text | Hufflepuff

  1. Stiles: She's a sadist, then. Too many snowstorms.
  2. Stiles: I'm more of a Tony Stark person myself. I want to spend time with you too. I'll be on a plane as soon as the semester is done.
  3. Addison: Jealous. I could for at least one snowstorm.
  4. Addison: Oh- I know. If we have to stick in the Avengers verse, I am all about Bruce Banner or Black Widow. I know, I'm just severely impatient.
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Text | Hufflepuff

  1. Stiles: Mother Nature needs to move on.
  2. Stiles: Not looking forward to some quality time with Steve Rogers?
  3. Addison: Winter was just a lovely time period for her.
  4. Addison: I've already seen it and I liked it, but I prefer Bruce Wayne. I rather spend quality time with you.
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  1. Stiles: The east coast can't decide if it wants to be winter or spring so I'm cold. But good. Walking to Burger King.
  2. Stiles: How about you?
  3. Addison: Maybe Mother Nature is just feeling very indecisive and can't let go of winter.
  4. Addison: Good, getting ready for work. Probably going to end up watching Captain America 3 times today.
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  1. Stiles: Yo.
  2. Addison: How are you?
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  1. Addison: Hey.
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I’m not… Fearless. I’m terrified. I’m always terrified. I act like I know what I’m doing, but I don’t. I don’t know if Isaac is dying right now. I don’t know if I made a mistake with Scott. I don’t know what my dad is thinking. I don’t know if we should trust Derek. I don’t know… I don’t know anything.

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Gilmore Girls One Gifset Per Episode
Richard in Stars Hollow [2.12]

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Title: Weight of Living, Pt. I (Bonus Track)
Artist: Bastille
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All the things you’ve said,
and the things you’ve done,
Can you carry it with no regrets…

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